TRRS L6 Students Fly Drones

Earlier this term, 10 of our girls pursuing STEM programmes at The Roman Ridge School participated in a 3-day practical training programme to learn to fly drones organised by Soronko Academy in partnership with Ghana Flying Labs.

Over the course of the workshop, they learned about the various types of drones, their components and parts, drone construction, regulations on flying drones, where/how to get authorisation to fly drones and the types of industries that now benefit from drone technology. They enjoyed the opportunity to fly different types of drones and gain practical experience in setting them up.   

Audrey Obeng Awotwe, a Lower 6 student, commented …

“The workshop was really interesting, and I had a good experience. This isn’t a common field that you usually see in Ghana”

We look forward to our girls flying high in the years to come.

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