Welcome to The Roman Ridge School

At The Roman Ridge School we aim to offer our children the highest quality of education in Accra based on the British Preparatory & Public School system, whilst being firmly rooted in Ghanaian life and culture. As an Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) endorsed school, we are proud to offer our children an education that complies with the British Government’s Standards for British Overseas Schools.


The educational philosophy behind The Roman Ridge School programme is based on the pillars of Responsibility, Discipline, Excellence, Morality, Integrity, and Leadership, and, is centred on a solid foundation of Christian values. Through the school’s unique  course of study and extra-curricular programmes, our children will be exposed to a world-class learning environment,  learn from a diverse group of pupils and staff, and graduate as a well-educated individual armed with the skills, knowledge, discipline and character to tackle and excel  in  the subsequent phases of their  education, and life. The mission of the school is to develop its pupils to believe in themselves by nurturing and developing, incorporating   and applying   their talents, gifts, abilities and character. Pupils are encouraged to develop into individuals, who welcome new experiences and engage new interests. With a first class educational programme in place, pupils benefit immensely from their years at The Roman Ridge School, and will, one day, make a significant impact in the world and lives of those who come across them.



Based on the firm belief that every child is an individual with the potential  for excellence,  we  have  instituted  the  following measures to  guarantee the successful delivery for our educational programme:

  • Small Class  Sizes
  • Highly Qualified and Dedicated Staff
  • Individual Pupil Attention
  • A Full Programme of Extra Curricular Activities
  • Pupil, Teacher, Parent lnteraction
  • Firm Discipline
  • Good Manners
  • A Sound Christian Framework
  • A Caring Environment
  • Educational Career Choices
  • Solid Ghanaian Cultural Base
  • Supervision from 8:00AM to 5:00PM


A five member Board of Directors administers the school. The Board appoints an Executive Director and the Principal and entrusts to them the day-to-day administration of the school. The Roman Ridge School Board comprises of highly accomplished and respected individuals, and as a result,  the school benefits from the diverse backgrounds, leadership, and experiences of these individuals.

The Board of Directors further appoints an Academic Board of Governors to oversee the academic programme of the school  and work in tandem  with  the Principal  and her Academic Team.

Academic Structure

From the time the children  enter the school  they are  taught from the English National Curriculum    and the English  Preparatory Schools  Curriculum. Courses on the  school’s programme include English, Mathematics, Science, French, History, Geography, Religious  Studies,  Computer Awareness, Music, Physical Education,  and Art & Drama.  A full  programme of diagnostic testing is also available  to all children. This  gives teachers and parents an insight  into the children’s strengths or weaknesses. Once established, extra attention  must  be given  to the areas where it  is  most needed.

Our programme is guided by the requirements of the UK Primary & Secondary National Curriculum, Common Entrance syllabus (Independent Schools Examinations Board – ISEB), and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and the General Certificate of Education (GCE) for both Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced Level (A Level) syllabi (Cambridge Assessment International Education). Our students sit standardised examinations at key points: Key Stage 1 (Class 2), Common Entrance 11+ (Class 6), Common Entrance 13+ (Form 2), IGCSE (Form 5), AS Level (Lower/Upper Six) and A Level (Upper Six). In line with our commitment to offer a holistic educational programme Physical Education is compulsory throughout the school. We also require that our students study ICT and Art until the end of Form 3, and require students to sit for French, Mathematics, Science, English Language and Literature at IGCSE in Form 5. Our students choose additional courses to complete a portfolio of 7 – 9 subjects at the IGCSE level. Our students are required to take at least 3 subjects at the AS/A level. High achieving students or those interested in further challenge or a more expansive course selection may pursue an additional subject, but must receive approval from a panel of Teachers and the Head of Senior School.

Extra – Curricular Activities
The Roman Ridge School believes in the benefits of a holistic educational programme and encourages all students to participate in a wide range of Extra-Curricular activities both during the week, from 4:00pm each day, and at the weekends. During the week our pupils participate in a variety of sports, clubs and activities, including: Football, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Modern & Traditional Dance, Karate, Mandarin Chinese, Coding, Music & Choir, Art, Bead Making, Cookery, Drama, Model UN, Debate Club and much more. A formal theatrical production normally takes place at the end of term. At the weekends we offer Swimming & Lifesaving on Saturday mornings, as well as Booster Classes for our Cambridge International Examination Classes (IGCSE & A Level candidates). We organise a four (4) week French Immersion programme in France each Summer for interested students and our Sixth Form students have been invited to participate in overseas trips to various destinations, to help provide them with the exposure they need to thrive in an international tertiary environment. The Roman Ridge School actively participates in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition, administered annually by the Royal Commonwealth Society (UK), and TRRS students have been awarded the most medals of any school in the country every year since 2015. The Roman Ridge School proudly represented Ghana in the School Exchange Project, serving as the official school partner for Commonwealth Games 2018 held in Queensland Australia, welcoming the Queen’s Baton in March 2017 during the Queen’s Relay. Students of The Roman Ridge School have been selected to participate in the Yale Young Scholars Programme (Africa & Global) and were awarded The Harvard Book Prize in 2018 & 2019.