Message from Head of Junior School:

The first years of primary education is a very important phase in the life of any young pupil.  Children at this stage are vibrant, innately curious and very enthusiastic to learn new things. We harness this zeal to explore and grow – encouraging them to ask questions, seek out answers, make connections and think critically. We develop our children to be confident speakers, attentive listeners, great leaders and team members. Our pupils learn to be responsible for themselves and their learning, to be kind to others, accepting of feedback to improve and confident to ask for help when they need it.


Our academic programme is rigorous, yet engaging and fun! Lessons incorporate a variety of multisensory and interactive activities, presentations, drama & role play to develop mastery of core skills and concepts. In addition, pupils engage in research and project work, which enables them to explore and discover new things, thus building and fostering a sense of responsibility, independence and confidence.  A strong foundation in key skills areas, especially in Literacy & Numeracy, is critical to their academic success later on in their education.  Specific attention given to developing strong reading and comprehension skills, with a concerted focus on phonics, spelling & vocabulary building. We guide our pupils to move beyond rote learning, towards full understanding of concepts and development of their verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills.


At The Roman Ridge School, we share a wonderful and collaborative partnership with our major stakeholders in our pupils’ success, our Parents! Parents are actively involved in all activities organised in the Junior School. This is fostered through regular, constructive dialogue and feedback with our parents on the progress of their child. Our Parents have a clear understanding of the goals and aims of the Junior School and are always eager and supportive to ensure we achieve our targets together, for the benefit of our children.


The Junior School believes in the power of pastoral care and remains steadfast in our mission to nurture every child in our care to realise their potential. Our experienced team of staff go above and beyond the call of duty each and every day, to ensure that every child feels loved, valued and capable of achieving their best.


The Junior School is certainly an exciting place to be and we look forward to welcoming you one day soon!


Ms. Gloria Dakwa

Junior School (Reception – Class 4)

Our Junior School programmes focus on building a strong foundation for our young pupils to develop key skills, knowledge, a sense of independence, curiosity and the confidence to try new things. We are committed to making learning fun, engaging and purposeful. Our curriculum encourages exploration and discovery, balanced with a strong focus in developing core skills in Literacy and Numeracy. We encourage our pupils to be responsible for their learning, kind and considerate of others, creative and critically minded. Our pupils are being nurtured to be great leaders, who listen and work effectively in teams with others.


A strong pastoral programme is at the heart of everything we do. We recognise every child as an individual and celebrate their strengths and support them to overcome any challenges. We develop budding interests & talents through a diverse and exciting array of activities and events and we encourage our children to embrace mistakes as an important way to learn and grow. We also love to showcase and share our learning in the Junior School and seize every opportunity to develop strong public speaking and presentation skills.


The curriculum is broad and designed to allow pupils to fulfill their potential. It meets the requirements of the New UK Primary National Curriculum, whilst also encompassing additional elements that we feel are essential to a good, all-round education that is relevant to our unique cultural context here in Ghana.  Great emphasis is placed on Literacy, Writing and Numeracy with each child also studying Science, Geography, History, Religious Education, Music, Art, French, Computing and PE. Personal, Social & Health Education topics are handled by our Class Teachers and address a variety of important issues.


Our Reception programme is guided by the Early Year and Foundation Stage (EYFS) and up to Year 2, pupils enjoy most of their time in school with their highly experienced Class Teachers, ably supported by a Teaching Assistant who is in training to take on full teaching responsibilities. Pupils receive specialist tuition in Music, French, Information Technology & PE. At the end of Year 2, pupils sit for the UK Key Stage 1 examinations, which measure their attainment in comparison with their UK counterparts. As our pupils in Years 3 & 4 enter Key Stage 2 and grow in independence, they divide most of their lessons between 2- 3 Teachers focused in Maths, Science and English & Humanities, receiving specialist tuition in Music, French, Information Technology & PE.


In the Junior School, our excellent Teacher to Pupil ratio allows us to provide each pupil with a unique level of attention and support. This helps us to ensure that our children are guided to establish a strong foundation that will serve as an excellent springboard to meet the demands of the Middle School and beyond.