Parents wishing to enroll their children at The Roman Ridge School must book an appointment with the school Administrator to discuss what The Roman Ridge School can offer. Parents then complete an application form and  submit it to the  School office. Successful applicants will be notified as soon as their applications are reviewed and invited to the school to sit an entrance exam. In the event that any requirements, e.g. placement and/or language proficiency testing,  etc. is required for the admission of a child into a particular class, parents will be provided with all the information and assistance they  need to complete the process.


Upon receiving a formal offer of admission, which includes all appropriate literature & invoices, parents must  confirm their acceptance of any places offered to their children by paying a Registration Fee. Prior to entry to the  school, parents must pay an Admission Fee and subsequent termly Tuition Fees which are graded accordingly for the Primary section (Reception to Class Six), the Secondary section  (Form One to Form Five) & the Sixth Form College. Tuition payment arrangements must be completed on or before the  first  day of each term, failure to do so could result in the suspension of your child for that term.

Apply in 3 Simple Steps:

Book Appointment

Complete Application Form

Application Review


Enrolment is based on a placement test and the pupil is allotted a Class/Form according to his/her age, with September 1 as the cut-off date.

That is,  a child born between 1st September  ’15 and 30th August ’16 would be admitted into our Reception Class programme for the 2020- 2021 academic year. This is to keep in line with the Preparatory  and Public  Schools in the UK and is meant to avoid  any complications that may arise in the future.


All pupils at The Roman Ridge School are required to wear a regulation school uniform and conform to a strict dress code, which is very rigidly enforced. Uniforms are available from the Uniform Shop.