Message from Head of Middle School:

Talents, skills and drive are limitless at this stage in the life of pupils. With all these wonderful traits in high supply, our goal as educators is to provide them with the necessary tools and guidance needed to shape what is required now and what will be needed in the future.


Our Middle School Team is committed to raising young people who are socially conscious, emotionally and spiritually aware, creative, goal-driven and fulfilled. We actively promote the importance of embracing diversity and different people in our community equally, as well as the importance of developing our sense of independence and responsibility. Equipped with the skills and knowledge required to nurture engaging and responsive pupils, our Teachers ensure they always make the best of their interactions in school and achieve their targets for each child in our care.


Our academic programme is certainly demanding and extends our pupils to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding to meet the standards of our counterparts in UK Independent Schools; building upon the strong foundation created at the Junior School to ensure their smooth transition into Secondary education. Our Teachers embrace every pupil as a unique individual, leveraging their strengths and ably supporting them to overcome any challenges to excel.


We are grateful to the amazing children who have passed through our hands and how wonderfully they embody our ethos. It has been an honour to have been part of their unique experiences.

Mr. Kwamena Essilfie Burah.

Middle School

The Middle School seeks to build upon the strong foundation established in our Junior School to further develop each child’s broad skills, as well as expand their knowledge and understanding of concepts.


Emphasis is placed on developing their abilities in critical thinking, analysis, evaluation using evidence to support opinions and the sound application of knowledge to solve problems. We develop each child’s confidence to learn independently and expand their interests through research, design thinking and opportunities to explore ideas creatively.


A strong sense of self-confidence is absolutely critical at this age and we guide our pupils to embrace mistakes as an important part of the learning process.  We work to develop the unique talents & interests identified in each of our pupils and offer a wide range of clubs and activities for pupils to explore their interests and talents.  We teach our pupils to appreciate diversity and to be tolerant and accepting of others. We promote the open sharing of ideas through lots of discussion, presentations, and public speaking, also promoting the development of their leadership skills through a myriad of activities and opportunities for community involvement.


Our curriculum is broad and converges the requirements of the UK Primary National Curriculum and the UK Independent School Examination Board (ISEB) Common Entrance 11+ and 13+ syllabi.  Emphasis is placed on the core subjects English, Maths and Science, with each child also studying Geography, History, Religious Education, Art, French, IT, PE and Music (until Class 6). Topics in Personal, Social & Health Education are covered by Form Tutors weekly.

In Years 5 & 6, the children divide most of their lessons between two Class Teachers, one focused on Maths and the other on English and/or Humanities.  They receive specialist tuition in Science, Music, French, Information Technology & PE.  Key Stage 2 and Common Entrance 11+ exams are undertaken by the pupils in addition to regular internal assessments at the end of Year 6. Whilst most teaching time is given to English, Maths and Science, ample time is given to other subjects to ensure a balance is maintained. The curriculum is designed to enable a range of teaching methods to be used and cross-curricular and individual investigative work is encouraged at all levels. It allows teachers more opportunity for creativity, enabling them to produce lessons that are not just informative but also fun.

Our Form 1 & 2 curriculum centres on the Common Entrance syllabus culminating in 13+ examinations at the end of Form 2. Pupils are taught by Specialist Subject Teachers and the subjects examined include: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, French and Religious Education. Information Technology, Art, Music, PE are assessed internally and based on the requirements of the Keys Stage 3 curriculum.  The academic demands placed on pupils is no doubt elevated in during these years. However, it also allows children the time and space to explore their individual talents and it is often at this level that they start to excel in a particular area, be it drama, music, sport, academics, or art, or a combination, or even in all areas. We build on the structures, attitudes and aptitudes developed in the previous years and thoroughly prepare the children for a fruitful continuing education.


The ISEB Common Entrance syllabus is widely regarded as an excellent foundation to Cambridge IGCSE, providing a head start for pupils over their peers in preparing for the next stage of their education. It also provides a platform for any of our Form 2 pupils to meet the requirements of the leading UK Independent Senior Schools and transfer seamlessly, should they wish to continue their education there.  Our success rate Key Stage 2 and Common Entrance 11+/13+ examinations indicate that the curriculum meets and even exceeds all the requirements at these levels and enables our pupils to make a smooth transition.