Message from Head of Middle School:

Talents, skills, aspirations, and drive are limitless at this stage in the life of pupils. With all these wonderful traits in high supply, our goal as a team is to provide the necessary tools and guidance needed to shape what is required at this stage, and what might be needed in the future. The Middle School team with support from other stakeholders is always constructing and refining programmes and structures that are necessary to raise pupils who are socially conscious; emotionally and spiritually aware; creativity-minded; goal-driven and fulfilled.  The environment has proven to be one that promotes the importance of different people in our community as well as the importance of being independent. Equipped with skills and knowledge required to nurture responsible and responsive pupils our task is always geared towards ensuring the pupils who are with us, make the best out of their interactions in school and achieve their targets. We are grateful for the amazing pupils who have gone through this section and how much of our ethos they exhibit. The Middle School team is always glad to be part of their wonderful and unique experiences.

Mr. Kwamena Essilfie Burah.

Middle School(Class 5 – Form 2)

The curriculum is broad and converges the requirements of the UK Primary National Curriculum and the Common Entrance syllabi.  Great emphasis is placed on the core subjects English, Maths and Science, with each child also studying Geography, History, RE, Art, French, ICT, PE and Music (until Class 6). Topics in Personal, Social & Health Education are covered by Form Tutors weekly.   The school’s success rate in Key Stage 2 and Common Entrance examinations indicate that the curriculum meets all the requirements at these levels and enables pupils to make a smooth transition to Secondary Education. However, the curriculum is subject to regular review and update and new ideas are always encouraged. Subjects on the curriculum are overseen by a Subject Coordinator, who monitors the delivery of the subject syllabi within each section. Liaison between Sections is carried out to promote synergy and ensure that its requirements are met.

In Years 5 & 6, the children divide most of their lessons between two Class Teachers, one focused on Maths and the other on English and/or Humanities.  They receive specialist tuition in Science, Music, French, Information Technology & PE.  Key Stage 2 exams are undertaken by the pupils in addition to regular internal assessments at the end of Year 6.  Whilst most teaching time is given to English, Maths and Science, ample time is given to other subjects to ensure a balance is maintained.

Our Form 1 & 2 curriculum is largely based on the English Common Entrance (CE) syllabus culminating in the CE examination at age 13. The CE is widely regarded as an excellent foundation to IGCSE, providing a head start for pupils over their peers in preparing for the next stage of their education. It also provides a platform for any of our Form 2 pupils to meet the requirements of the leading UK Independent Senior Schools and transfer seamlessly, should they wish to continue their education there.