Boy- Girl Talk Session

In line with our on-going commitment to promoting the well-being of all our students and enhancing their health education, TRRS arranged special sessions for our pre-adolescent male & female pupils in the Middle School as part of our Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education (PSHE) programme. Held in separate groups, these sessions were facilitated by experienced Form Tutors, members of our Science Department, Principal Teachers and School Nurses. They worked together to create a comfortable and supportive environment for a healthy and informative dialogue about puberty and personal development. Sessions like these go a long way to empower our students to better navigate the complexities of growing up, with confidence and self-assurance.

Girl Talk: A Journey to Understanding Puberty and Self-Care

This series was specifically designed for our female students from Class 5 to Form Two. It was primarily to address the topics of Puberty and Growing up, with the aim of empowering our girls in these classes to gain a better understanding of the physical and emotional changes that accompany puberty and equip them with the knowledge to navigate these changes effectively. Sessions also aimed to promote empathy and kindness towards those experiencing this phase of life differently, stressing the importance of body positivity, discouraging comparisons with others, and encouraging our girls to build confidence and self-esteem.

Boy Talk: Growing Up – A Roadmap to Self-Care

This series was tailored to address the needs of our male students in the Middle School (Class Five to Form Two) equipping them with valuable insights into aspects of personal hygiene, body care, and good grooming. Our male students were encouraged to ask questions in an environment free of any judgement. Our Boys opened up about relevant issues that affect pre-teen/teenagers in this modern age and the pressures that come with it.

PSHE education is a school curriculum subject in the UK Primary & Secondary National Curriculum that helps children and young people stay healthy, safe and prepared for life. At TRRS, PSHE is made relevant for our local context and taught weekly and facilitated by our Form Tutors, who provide direct Pastoral Care for each class of 20 pupils. For more information about our PSHE programme, please visit our website

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