Form 1 Students visit to the National Mosque

Through our Social Studies Department, Theology, Philosophy and Religion (TPR) is taught to our students as a multi-faith subject under the auspices of the Independent Schools Exam Board (UK) and is examined at Common Entrance at Form 2.  

The curriculum informs children to the varied beliefs and practices of global religions, alongside their shared principles of compassion and kindness. TPR celebrates diversity, promotes religious tolerance and a genuine respect for others and their beliefs.

To further their study on Islam, Form 1 pupils had the privilege of receiving a guided tour of The National Mosque Complex, Kanda, Accra on 15th and 16th November, 2022. Our children were warmly received by the resident Imam Ali Guven, Mr. Awwal Lawal, PRO Hudayi Foundation and Mr. Abdulahin Yuce, Project Coordinator of the Hudayi Foundation. 

Pupils were enthralled by the mosque’s breath-taking architecture and basked in its serene, spacious and colourful ambiance. After identifying the features of the mosque, students were taken through the acts of worship in Islam, the five daily prayers, the dos & don’ts when in a mosque, the significance of fasting and Zakat as prescribed in the Holy Quran. Pupils keenly observed Imam Ali as he performed ablution and demonstrated the call to prayer and Salah.

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It was an eye-opening and educative experience that provided our pupils with a deeper appreciation of Islam and the Muslim faith. We are grateful to the wonderful team at the National Mosque for providing our children with an unforgettable experience. Salam Alaikum!

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