Field trip to the Akosombo Hydroelectric Power Station

Following on from their successful participation in the River of Hope Art Project to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, 12 TRRS students, on Friday 9 December 2022, toured the 1,020MW Akosombo Hydroelectric Power Station, which is managed by the Volta River Authority.

This was an eye-opening educative experience and students gained an in-depth understanding of how the Akosombo Hydro Plant operates. Students visited the Control Room of the dam which serves as the ‘nerve centre’ for the power plant where the monitoring and the observation of the performance of the various equipment used in power generation takes place. Students also toured the Piping Gallery, and all said the six huge, orange-coloured penstocks were breathtaking.

Many thanks to the Management of Volta River Authority for this wonderful experience.

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