Roman Ridge School

Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2023

On Saturday 24th June 2023, we celebrated the graduation of the TRRS Class of 2023 in a touching, intimate ceremony, following their successful completion of their A Level & AS Level programmes at the school.

Year on year, TRRS students continue to excel and gain admission to internationally renowned universities, in Ghana and abroad.  The Class of 2023 received an impressive US$1,208,698.49 in total scholarships! Notable among these awards are a US$328,104 scholarship from New York University (Abu Dhabi), a US$140,000 scholarship from Earlham University, and a US$120,000 scholarship from Bentley University, both in the United States of America.

This achievement serves as a testament to our exceptional educational programme. We are privileged to have contributed to the success of the Class of 2023 and eagerly await their future achievements.

We extend our profound gratitude to the Parents of the Class of 2023 and the Staff of TRRS, as well as those who lent their support to them along their journey. Class of 2023, as you journey forward, do carry with you the values and lessons you have learned during your time at TRRS. Seize opportunities to use your talents and abilities to create a positive influence in society. Your unwavering dedication to making a difference will distinguish you from others and propel you towards remarkable heights. We are indeed proud of you.


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