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Cyrene Bawuah wins iART Competition 2023

The Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS) Art Competition, known as iArt, is a highly regarded art competition held annually to serve as a platform to recognise and celebrate unique artistic talents of thousands of students in member schools across the globe.

This year, the iArt Competition challenged students to create artwork on the theme “The Environment.” This was aimed at gauging students’ passion for the natural world and sustainability. It also encouraged them to learn about the projects and individuals they admire and share their thoughts on the steps Leaders should be taking to combat global warming.

We are pleased to announce that Cyrene Bawuah, of Form 4 East, has been awarded first place in the Year 9 & 10 category globally. Cyrene was given the opportunity to explain her captivating painting to the iArt judges. In her own words, she expressed: “Caring about the environment is important to me, and to all, because this is the only way for us as humanity to preserve the Earth’s beauty. Greta Thunberg, Jane Goodall and Wangari Maathai are all examples of environmental activists and strong female role models, who have positively affected the campaign to preserve our environment, fight against pollution and global warming. I chose to celebrate them because they inspire everyone to fight not only for our Earth, but for the rights of future generations who will suffer the consequences of the bad choices we make today”.

Thank you, Cyrene. We indeed are motivated by your words to join the fight to protect our planet and to advocate for the rights of future generations who will bear the consequences of the choices we make today.

Our heartfelt congratulations to Cyrene for this remarkable achievement. Bravo!

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