Roman Ridge School

2022-2023 Harvard Book Prize Winners

The Harvard Book Prize is awarded annually to outstanding students, based on their academic excellence, exceptional personal qualities, their contribution to their school or community and their written response to an essay prompt.

We are pleased to announce that Joanita Dede Sallah (Lower 6 West) & Khamil Mogtari (Lower 6 East) have both been awarded this prestigious globally recognised award for 2022-2023. Each winner receives a personally inscribed copy of “The Harvard Book” an anthology of essays written by Harvard alumni spanning three centuries.

Since 1910, the Harvard Book Prize has been an important way for Harvard Club members to help attract talented young people to Harvard. Prizes are presented annually in more than 1,900 secondary schools around the world. Since its establishment in Ghana in 2018, TRRS students have been awarded a total of 6 times, the most of any school in the entire country.

Congratulations to Joanita and Khamil for flying the TRRS flag high & proud!

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