Based on the firm belief that every child is an individual with the potential for excellence, we have instituted the following measures to guarantee the successful delivery for our educational programme:

  • Small Class Sizes

Maximum of 20 pupils; this affords the Form Tutor the opportunity to develop each and every child to their full potential.

  • Individual Pupil Attention

Every child will receive individual attention to enhance the development of their character and abilities.

  • Highly Qualified and Dedicated Staff

The school has recruited the finest Ghanaian teachers available, complemented by an experienced multi-national staff.

  • A Full Programme of Sport & Extra Curricular Activities

The school is a strong believer that a Healthy Body makes for a Healthy Mind, and, to that end will introduce your child to a wide range of sports and activities, including all major sports and climbing, canoeing, swimming, orienteering, snorkelling, and many more. All activities are carefully monitored with safety being paramount.

  • Pupil, Teacher, Parent Interaction

This is vital to the success of our programme, and, to this end, the school has appointed the Head of the Senior School to spearhead the development of the school’s PTA.

  • Firm Discipline

We bly believe in the value of discipline in the lives of our pupils. We do not employ corporal punishment. We prefer to opt for an innovative system of pluses & minuses to both discipline and reward our pupils.

  • Good Manners

We develop in our pupils a sense of respect and responsibility towards each other and towards adults alike. This is very necessary particularly at a time when modern standards appear to be slipping.

  • A Sound Christian Framework

We hold a short morning service each day, and although we adhere to Christian principles, we gladly welcome children of all faiths and pursue a multi-faith religious studies programme.

  • A Caring Environment

The Pastoral Care is in the hands of the Principal and the teaching staff, with a resident nurse taking care of the children’s medical needs.

  • Educational Career Choices

The school offers IGCSE and A level courses, thereby offering you the option of keeping your child in Ghana whilst enjoying a first class education. We also maintain a b link with many Preparatory and Public Schools in the UK and are able to offer advice and assistance to you when choosing this educational path. 

  • A Solid Ghanaian Cultural Base

We aim to educate our pupils in our rich cultural heritage and encourage them to respect and value our traditional beliefs.

  • Supervision from 7:55 AM to 5:00 PM

We run academic lessons until 2:45pm, Prep for an hour and sport and extra-curricular activities for an hour. In between are 2 break periods as well as an hour’s lunch break.


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"If your hands are in the dish" symbol of participatory government, democracy and pluralism From the aphorism, "Wo nsa da mu a, wonni nnya wo" -- "If your hands are in the dish, people do not eat everything and leave you nothing."

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