The Roman Ridge School offers pupils the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sport and extra-curricular activities both during the week, from 4:00pm each day, and at the weekends.

We coach all the conventional sports, such as football, basket ball and netball, as well as a variety of other sports, including rugby, cricket, hockey, tennis and athletics.

We also run an Adventure Activities programme consisting of canoeing, life-saving, snorkelling, orienteering, mountain-biking, camping and first aid training.

All Adventure Activities are carefully monitored and have been instituted to offer our pupils the opportunity to experience as many activities as possible with a strict adherence to safety.

Furthermore, no activity is undertaken without a written risk assessment report. Scouting is now also provided throughout the school for Beavers (6 – 8), Wolf Cubs (8 – 11), Scouts (11 – 16) and Senior Scouts (16+).

During the week our pupils participate in sports, such as football, basketball, circuit training, hockey, cricket, netball, modern dance, ballet, karate, as well as climbing and abseiling.

We also offer activity clubs, such as computer, music, art, library, and drama. There is normally a formal theatrical production at the end of each term.

At the weekends we offer swimming classes, snorkelling and lifesaving on Saturday mornings, and, an extended games & study session in the afternoon, as well as climbing and abseiling.

Sunday is dedicated to our Adventure Activities programme which is increasingly becoming a family affair.



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"five tufts" (of hair) symbol of priestly office, loyalty and adroitness "This symbol is said to be the hairstyle of joy. It is the traditional hairstyle of the priestesses. ... The design of the adinkra symbol mpuannum resembles the way the prieste

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