“To develop our children to believe in themselves by nurturing, incorporating, and applying their talents, gifts, abilities, and character.”

  • At The Roman Ridge School:
  • Your child will be made to feel worthy, loved and confident in whom they are as members of The Roman Ridge School community.
  • Your child will be carefully guided as they face challenges with maximum effort, enabling them to realize achievements academically, socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically.
  • Your child will be taught to be respectful and responsible.
  • Your child will have a joy for learning from a curriculum crafted to be relevant to their lives.
  • Your child will be encouraged to develop characteristics that encompass true Christian values.
  • Your child will learn to put forth maximum effort in all areas of life i.e. Home, School, at Worship, and in the Community.

This we achieve by:

  • Having a caring, stimulating, well-planned environment where each child feels secure and can develop fully as an individual.
  • Placing great emphasis on the teaching of the core foundation subjects, in particular the teaching of Reading, Written and Oral Language, Mathematics and Science.
  • Providing a curriculum which is broad-based, relevant and balanced.
  • Creating a climate where children find school enjoyable.
  • Developing a positive partnership which values the vital parental contribution to school life and to the education of their children.
  • Helping pupils develop personal, spiritual and moral values, an understanding of a variety of religious beliefs, and a tolerance for others and their way of life.


 At The Roman Ridge School, we recognize that the education of your children is a shared venture between you, the parents, and us, the staff of the school. We welcome your support and value your involvement.

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Adinkra Symbols


"I shall marry you " symbol of commitment, perseverance From the expression "No one rushes into the job of mixing the concrete for building the house of marriage."

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